Shader that blends 4 materials based on height maps and terrain painting, uses several custom material functions to organize and blend the 4 seperate channels

Material Function that controls the displacement of the water, used in several other shaders throughout the scene.

Rock from the scene that uses moss buildup, wetness and water height for proper roughness adjustments, and a dirt buildup from underneath.

Shader for rocks and other small props, uses a world space based moss break up because ue4 foliage tool doesn't support vertex painting individual meshes

Moss shader will slice a height map into 8 slices and pan them individually to fake depth, currently uses 4 height maps packed into RGBA to help create variation between layers.

Visualization of the vertex location value changes.

Foliage displacement shader, supports directional rotation.

Basic vertex blend shader used throughout the scene, this one was made to have a sharp mask as well as AO around the rocks to help fake depth.